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Turnkey is a key infrastructure provider with a great developer API and a powerful security policy engine.

By combining ZeroDev with Turnkey, you can create custodial AA wallets whose security is provided by Turnkey, with powerful functionalities such as sponsoring gas, batching transactions, etc.


Since Turnkey provides an Ethers SDK, the integration is very straightforward.

import { ECDSAProvider, convertEthersSignerToAccountSigner } from '@zerodev/sdk'
import { TurnkeySigner } from "@turnkey/ethers"

const turnkeySigner = new TurnkeySigner({
apiPublicKey: process.env.API_PUBLIC_KEY!,
apiPrivateKey: process.env.API_PRIVATE_KEY!,
baseUrl: process.env.BASE_URL!,
organizationId: process.env.ORGANIZATION_ID!,
privateKeyId: process.env.PRIVATE_KEY_ID!,

const zerodevSigner = await ECDSAProvider.init({
projectId: "<project id>",
owner: convertEthersSignerToAccountSigner(turnkeySigner),